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Some links you might find useful... - The place to stay for your Rio San Juan/San Carlos adventure! - Iguana customer blog with photos - flyfishing - fishing photos taken by one of our former fishermen, Per - travel information - great airfare - airfare - airfare - airlfare - hotel in Managua - see what Conde Nast Traveler has to say about Nicaragua and Little Corn Island - Insider's guide to modern travel with feature on Casa Iguana

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PhotosWe have an awesome selection of photographs showing amazing Views around the island and other categories for the lodge, restaurant, bar, rooms, people having fun, scuba diving, wild life and other natural beauty on the island.

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Press about Little Corn Island

Unbiased Reports on Little Corn Island - Casa Iguana has collected and posted all of these since 1994 - make sure you check out the full story!