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Unbiased Reports on Little Corn Island

Businesses and local government on Little Corn work closely with the community to enhance service and preserve a culture and ambiance that is palpable the moment one steps off the water taxi. All of Little Corn Island is grateful for the unsolicited good press it has received. We encourage guests of the Corn Islands to visit Lonely Planet's Thorntree, and its forum and Fodor's forums to learn more about the islands and the opinions of past guests. A special thanks goes to the reporters whom appreciate Nicaragua and its Caribbean history and culture.

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*Time Magazine "Five Reasons to Visit Little Corn"
-November, 2011 - click here for the link
Time Magazine Little Corn Island


*Men's Journal "Secret Beaches"
-February, 2011 - click here for the link

Men's Journal Feb 2011

*Queen's University: The Journal "No Need to Resort to the Resort"
-February, 2010 - click here for the link

Queen's Iniversity Journal


*Outside "Bad Economy. Cheap Travel! Seven Affordable Island Escapes"
-February, 2009 - click here for the link


*area daily "Tropical Punch"
-November, 2008 - click here for the link

*Budget Travel "On these seven islands, you're guaranteed to get there before anyone you know. "
-September, 2008 - click here for the link


*kitesurf "Beyond the Mosquito Coast"
-June, 2008


*Budget Travel "Beauty With an Ugly Side"

-June, 2008 - click here for the link


*Daily Candy "The Caribbean's Last Frontier"
-March, 2008


*Conde Nast/ "Dollar-Friendly Destinations 2008"


*TODAY/Conde Nast/ "The coast of Utopia: Barefoot life at its best"
-September, 2007


*Los Angeles Times "Nicaragua's Corn Islands, an unspoiled Paradise"
-April, 2007


*National Geographic Adventure "Exploring Nicaragua's Forgotten Passages"-September, 2006


*Undercurrent "A Caribbean Road Less Traveled"
-July, 2006


*Caribbean Travel and Leisure "The Next 'Next Costa Rica'"
-July, 2006


*MSNBC "18 Best-Kept Island Secrets"
-June, 2006


*Conde Nast "Nicaragua To The Max"
-March, 2005


*Outside "Viva Nicaragua-Diving the Old Caribbean"


*Argosy "Tahiti of the Caribbean"
-October, 1972

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Press about Little Corn Island

Unbiased Reports on Little Corn Island - Casa Iguana has collected and posted all of these since 1994 - make sure you check out the full story!