How To Get Here!
Contact your favorite travel agent and book a flight to Managua. There are several airlines flying into Nicaragua: American, LACSA, Continental, Aviateca, and Taca.

You might want to try one of these Florida agencies for a better price on a ticket, but be sure to check on how they will take payment:

Costamar: 1-877-267-8262 
Shella: 305-669-4800 
M.A.Travel: 305-379-8600 
The Travel Store: 1-877-779-2218

From Managua, we recommend La Costena to Corn Island.  Sometimes there is a brief stop in Bluefields. The flight takes only about one and one half hours. The flight leaves twice daily, at 6:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., so book international flights that arrive at least an hour before these times. The return flights to Managua from Corn Island arrive at about 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. We have had guests make the trip to and from our hotel and New York in a single day. The cost of a round trip ticket to Corn Island from Managua is about $100. VISA and US dollars are accepted.

La Costena can be reached at (505) 263-1228 or (505) 263-2142.   Their fax number is (505) 263-1281.  If faxing, which is the best way to make your reservations, address your correspondence to Alejandro Caballero.  He is the airline's owner, and he speaks English well.  Be sure to tell him you are going to Casa Iguana.  Ask for a return fax for confirmation. After you have your reservation in hand, email us the details and we will re-confirm with La Costena from our end. 

Once on Big Corn Island, there are two ways to come to Little Island. There is a water taxi that leaves the municipal  wharf every morning at 9:00 and every afternoon at 4:00 for the little island. Cost is $5.00 per person. Or we can come and pick you up in our own boat for an additional charge.  Let us know which method you prefer so that we can schedule our boat or make a reservation for you on the water taxi. The trip takes about forty minutes. Assume that you and your gear will get wet during the ride, which can be uncomfortable. And for the feint of heart, a bit of a scare.  (Helpful Hint:  sit in the back of the boat, ask for a life preserver, and sit on it.)

If you cannot make the connection the same day, there is an excellent hotel, Las Mercedes, across the street from the airport (easy walking distance). The hotel costs about $70-$80 per night. It has an excellent restaurant and pool. They speak English and take VISA or US dollars. If you have to wait for the flight to Corn Island, have lunch, a drink, a dip in the pool. Las Mercedes is a great place to unwind and relax. Las Mercedes can be reached at (505) 263-1011 for general information or (505) 233-2010 for reservations. You may fax them at (505) 263-1013.

To enter Nicaragua every visitor must have a passport that is valid for at least the next 6 months. Citizens of the USA and the UK do not need a visa. Citizens of Canada, New Zealand and Australia DO need a visa. There are no major health problems in this part of Nicaragua. There have been malaria carrying mosquitoes, mostly in the summer. See your doctor or local health authority if you have concerns about malaria. An update of your tetanus shot is not a bad idea.

What To Bring
Don't pack a lot of clothes!! You won’t need them. We have a laundry service available. We suggest sun hat, sunglasses, a beach towel, sunscreen SPF 24 or above, shorts, T-shirts or sports bras, sandals that can be submerged, and a pair of flip plops. If you have your own snorkel gear, we suggest you bring it, but we have some available for rent. A pocket flashlight is a must as well. 

Spear guns are not allowed at our hotel.

American money is accepted everywhere. No need to change money at the airport. One dollar bills are very handy.

Our Rates
We have two "economy" cabanas,  four  "deluxe" casitas, and a lodge.

Economy cabanas are 10 x 11, with a shared bath. They are simple but comfortable. Cost is $20 per night, double occupancy. ($17 for single.)

Deluxe casitas  are 12 x 16, with a 7 x 16 veranda. They have double beds and a futon that makes into a double bed. There's a private bath, plenty of glass windows with screens. They are "cute", quiet, very private and very comfortable. Cost is $50 per night, double occupancy, and $5 for each additional person.

If the entire hotel is taken by one single group, a number of people can sleep in the lodge.

A deposit of $50 to $100  is due upon confirmation of reservations. In the event of a cancellation, 50% of these monies will be refunded if we are given 30 days notice. We do not take credit cards, but travelers checks are welcomed. Personal checks are accepted, though we ask that you notify us of this before your arrival.

We serve breakfast every day, and dinner most of the time (usually fish, lobster or conch). We normally do not serve lunch, though there are several eating places on the island. Breakfast is a $4.50, including coffee. Dinner is $7 to $8, with lobster being the most expensive. If you have food allergies or aversions, PLEASE let us know BEFORE you arrival.

Snorkel gear is $4.00 per day rental. Guided snorkel trips in our boat are $4.00 per person. There is great snorkeling from the beaches.

Fishing trips (open water trolling) are $35 for one person, and $10 for each additional person. All bait and tackle included. Hook-ups are guaranteed.

Back to Casa Iguana.
We offer guided trips by certified divers FOR CERTIFIED DIVERS. The scuba diving is exceptional, though relatively shallow. (Forty feet and less.) There are a lot of interesting caves, caverns and corals, and all kinds of fish. Many experienced divers prefer, however, the ease of snorkel equipment over dive gear in these shallow waters. Those looking for a "dive vacation" should understand that though we offer scuba diving, we do not market ourselves as a "dive resort." Instead, we offer scuba diving as a part of an overall island experience. This distinction is not made in regard to the quality of the diving, but to the atmosphere we are trying to create and preserve in our hotel.

Dive trips are $30 per person (included tank) and $10 for the boat. We need to know in advance of your arrival if you wish to scuba dive. You'll need all your equipment except for the tanks.