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Aerial view of the Casa Iguana Reserve in relation to the islandSituated on a bluff at the Caribbean's edge, Casa Iguana's 40 acre ocean front reserve is located on the remote and breezy south eastern shore of the island. It is here where Casa Iguana became Nicaragua's first eco-lodge in 1994 and unassumingly opened up adventure travel to Nicaragua by putting the Corn Islands on the international map. We've been working hard to maintain Little Corn Island's history and appeal by working closely with island leaders to increase sustainability and conserve resources and help the local economy.
Casa Iguana Property MapEach of our fifteen private, individual cabins are on the water and feature a wide veranda, a hammock and a spectacular view of the ocean. The cabins are spaced apart properly for privacy and daily housekeeping service keeps them tidy.

Alternative Energy and Ecotourism
Casa Iguana is 100% off the grid. 24 hour electricity is provided by a sophisticated solar energy system,  wind powered generators and back-up generators. Casa Iguana was the first hotel on the island and in Nicaragua to employ environmentally healthy practices such as self-sustainability, conservation, composting, using rain water catchers, biodegradable products and available organic goods from market or our own farm and garden. You will learn more during your stay. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.

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About the Island

Little Corn MapLittle Corn Island is a tropical island paradise, far off the beaten path, unspoiled and completely unaffected by tourism. There are no cars nor roads-just good ol walking and swimming.
Located in the Caribbean 45 miles off the eastern shore of Nicaragua, Little Corn Island is inhabited by 750 or so, English speaking traditional Caribbean people who earn their living from lobster fishing. It is a short 30 minute water taxi ride from Big Corn Island, yet a world away.

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About the Food

About the Food - image of red berriesBreakfast, lunch and three course gourmet dinners prepared by a Michelin rated restaurant trained chef.  The meals are served in the spacious lodge, where tables are set with fruits and vegetables from our garden. Seafood is gathered daily from the surrounding sea. All visitors to Little Corn Island are invited to join us for a great meal, drink and legendary view.

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